10 mins

Activity Details

Inflatables cost £3 or 1 Credit

Masterblaster Games currently closed until July 2017

Inflatables plus Masterblaster


Inflatables (OPEN)

These seasonal activities are available in dry weather only as the inflatables are dangerous in wet weather.

The inflatable slide is supervised at all times and restricted to a maximum number of children at one time.

Participants must obey the safety rules.


Credit Value - 1 Credit 

Duration - 10 mins approx

Age - 3 to 10 years


The Masterblaster (Games 2pm and 4pm July to September)

Masterblaster consists of a purpose built  area where you can soak each other with water guns.

Water is placed in barrels around the arena to allow you to refill.

A favourite for all ages in warm weather. You are guaranteed to get soaked by the contestants.

costs £3.50 or 1 Credit Games run 2pm and 4pm  Closed until July 2018

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