6 +
10-15 mins

Activity Details

Clay allocation: 25 (10 skill, 5 speed and 10 rapid)

As well as being at least 6 years old, participants must have the strength to hold and operate our laser clay guns - they are quite heavy!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Try your hand at one of Britain’s oldest, original sports!

Here at Heatherton you can experience laser clay pigeon shooting; the only one of its kind in Pembrokeshire!

Unlike the actual practice of clay pigeon shooting, you shoot with shotguns that have been modified with a sophisticated electronic laser system that is 100% safe while retaining all the skills of shooting clays.

You can compete against your family, friends or complete strangers in a game of skill to record the top score! Will you be Top Gun?

With 2 shots at each clay, you have 25 clays split between three different scoring games.

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