Birthday Parties

Because we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a birthday party here at Heatherton!

Here at Heatherton we're perfectly set up to offer a wide range of fun children's birthday parties for all ages! With indoor and outdoor venues and activities available, we're a popular choice for very special birthdays!


You'll be spoilt for choice as we offer...

•  Indiana's soft play birthday parties       

•  Outdoor activity birthday parties

  • •  Paintball parties                        

  • •  Junior High Ropes parties (5-10 years & 1.1m +)

  • •  Adult High Ropes parties (10 years+ & 1.4m+)

>> Find out more about indoor children's Birthday parties at Heatherton

>> Find out more about outdoor children's Birthday parties at Heatherton

Fancy mixing and matching packages, or would you like to tailor a birthday party package to suit your little one's favourite adventures? No problem!

It's in your hands so simply give us a call on 01646 652000 or drop us an email to