Booking Terms and Conditions - School Trips

(1) All school packages are based on a discounted rate.

(2) Full payment must be made on or before the excursion date. Bookings that are paid after your trip with us or invoiced on the day when you arrive, will unfortunately incur a 5% charge. We recommend that all schools pay be either cash, cheque or card on the day when you arrive to avoid any charges. You will have to mark how you intend to pay for the trip at the time of booking on the school booking form.

(3) School packages are based on a minimum of 20 students attending a trip.

  • (4) We allow 1 free pass for teachers or supervisors for every 10 paying children. Additional teachers will be charged the same price as students.

  • (5) On the day of the booking we will allow a 10% drop in pupil numbers, taking into consideration illness and absence.

  • (6) All cancellations must be confirmed in writing.

  • (7) Any changes to completed booking forms need to be confirmed in writing and authorised by either Andrew McDonald, Simon Hilling or Charles Davies

(8) Prices are for term time only and are not valid during school holidays or weekends. The prices listed are for schools only.


Download our 2019 School Trip Packages, Info For Teachers & Booking Form

Download our 2019 School Risk Assessment


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