2 years +
10 minutes

Activity Details

Credit Value - 1 Credit

Duration - 10 minutes

Restrictions - 2 Years +

Weather - This activity will close in the rain

Giant Jumping Pillows

Giant Jumping Pillows.

The massive inflatable pillows were introduced to entertain our visitors from age of 2 years up to adults. We have installed two Jumping Pillows, one for the younger children and the other for our older visitors, to ensure that everyone taking part are of similar size and age.

This hilarious activity will see you bounce, roll, jump on an inflatable pillow. This activity will truly have you in stitches of laughter. All the exercise you get on a trampoline can be performed on the Pillows which are surrounded by rubber chippings for your safety.


This activity was professionally installed during May 2016.


For more info call 01646 652000 or email us on info@heatherton.co.uk



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