5 +
6 mins approx

Activity Details

Maximum weight: 15 stone

This is a water activity.....so you may get wet!


Walk on Water

You don’t need a miracle to walk on water....

...just a lot of energy, a sense of fun and a 6ft inflatable zorb ball here at Heatherton World of Activities!

Jump inside your zorb and and you'll be able to walk, run, roll, flip and spin over the water, having you and your friends in fits of laughter.

Walk on Water is great fun where co-ordinating yourself is the challenge.....it's harder than it looks!

Spectators can enjoy the hilarity as you display your zorbing skills inside a 'human hamster ball', as seen on Blue Peter's 'fun and fitness on water' feature.

You do not have to wear a swimming costume as you are inside the ball, not in the water. However, please note this is a water based activity so you may get wet!

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