6 yrs
15 mins

Activity Details


Under 10 years need Adult Supervision

Maze opens at 10.30am

Last entry to Maze   4.30pm

Access - Due to the pathways being gravel, it can be difficult to get a wheelchair around the maze

The maze is low level due to being newly planted

Heathertons Hedge Maze (Low Level)

Enter our newly planted hedge maze, which is made up of over 5,500 small beech trees. The combination of trees and fences divide up the pathways making it difficult for its challengers to conquer. A number of questions are scattered around the maze, which give clues as to which direction or pathway you should take. Come and challenge yourself and family in our new Maze. Please note the maze is not yet fully grown.

Access to the maze - Due to the gravel pathways in the maze, it can be difficult to get around it in a wheelchair. 

Tree type - Beech Tree                                    

Quantity - 5,500 trees approx

Size - 72m x 40m  (2,880m2)

The Maze took over 3 months to design, create the paths and plant the thousands of beech trees.

To ensure that the paths remain usable throughout the year, foundations have been put in place to make this an all weather attraction. There is a centre viewing platform that acts as your reward for completing Wales' newest Maze.

The beech trees were planted in Spring 2015 and will take a few years to reach maturity. Even at this size you will still find it a challenge that will increase in difficulty as the beech grows. The gates give us the ability to change the route you need to navigate to conquer the challenge.



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